Apple AirPods Pro: a unique discount on the famous wireless headphones!

If the Apple AirPods Pro headsets are no longer available, there is a great opportunity to get them at a ridiculous price.

Indeed, online sales site Rakuten is offering you AirPods Pro bundled with a charging case for a discounted price of €199 instead of the usual €279. In addition, headsets are delivered to you from a warehouse located in France. Therefore, you will receive them quickly, with free shipping.

Treat yourself regardless of the morphology of your ears. Indeed, the AirPods Pro come with 3 different sized silicone tips to take full advantage of the full potential of Apple’s little geeks. Insensitive to water and sweat, they will follow you absolutely everywhere and in any weather. Combined with the MagSafe charger, you have over 24 hours of listening time.

Take advantage of the Apple AirPods Pro offer now!

Capable of using 10 audio cores, Apple’s specially designed H1 microprocessor immerses you directly into an exceptional sound environment. His role will primarily be to put you in a bubble. To do this, the headphones measure ambient noise in real time and then cancel it out, emitting the same noise, but with the opposite phase. Thus, being in absolute silence, you will fully enjoy your favorite music.

But the work of the H1 chip does not stop there. Indeed, the entire frequency band is corrected before the sound reaches your eardrums. This very high-tech technology allows you to enjoy the perfect balance from powerful bass to crystal clear highs. Of course, you can make and receive calls without removing your headphones. For just €199 at Rakuten, don’t miss out on the Apple AirPods Pro headphones.

Click here to take advantage of Rakuten’s AirPods Pro offer.

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