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The Apple AirTag is no bigger than a Mentos candy and easily slips into the pocket of any backpack. But unlike the Tile connected beacon, it lacks a hole to hang it on a bunch of keys, which encourages you to equip yourself with accessories. Apple sells it naturally, but its straps and key rings, although of good quality, cost as much as an AirTag, or even more if we are talking about Hermès models. Fortunately, third-party brands quickly came up with more affordable, if not original, alternatives to save you money while allowing you to make full use of Apple’s new gadget.

Here is our selection of the best accessories dedicated to Apple AirTag. Note that this selection will be updated according to the findings that we can make and the ingenuity of the props.

1. Silicone straps for AirTag

Let’s start with the basic and the economical. These silicone straps for Apple AirTag are sold in sets of four at € 20 on Amazon. You will probably have to force it to fit the device into the case, but it will at least be well covered, held and protected.

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2. Stickers for Apple Airtag

These small silicone protectors have a self-adhesive surface. You can easily attach your AirTag to your remote control, controller, notebook or any other everyday object. The brand sells them in sets of four or ten and in different colors from € 13 on Amazon.

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3. An Apple AirTag for your bike

With this deflector support, you can discreetly attach your AirTag to your bike. It is displayed at € 7.10 on the Etsy platform. If this gadget can reassure you, however, we remind you that Apple’s solution is not an anti-theft system.

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Also on Etsy, this 3D printed accessory from Project4AGZE allows him to screw the AirTag on the frame of the bike and, for example, to hide the Apple tag at the level of the attachment for the water bottle.

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4. The AirTag case for Apple TV remote control

What could be more annoying than looking for your Siri Remote when you come home from work? With this 3D printed cover for the Apple TV remote control, you won’t have to search long to get your hands on it again. And the cool kiss effect is that it will also be protected with it. Count € 11.16 on Etsy.

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5. Handmade Leather Keychain for Apple AirTag

Apple key chains are good, but expensive. On Etsy, it is possible to find more affordable alternatives like those from the EPICGoodsUS store which has already made more than 500 sales and has 5 stars. Depending on the number of accessories (1 to 4), prices vary between 10 and 26 €.

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6. Apple leather keyring, because you are never better than at home

Apple provided us with leather and plastic (polyurethane) straps to perform our AirTags test. These accessories cost between 35 and 45 € depending on the materials and are worth as much or more than an AirTag. It is expensive to pay, but the products are of quality, solid and design. However, we regret that the AirTag easily takes scratches with these solutions. Note that there is also a keychain at € 39 (in the middle of the photo).

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