Apple Alert! Security breach threatens devices, is your model affected?

Apple fans, you can’t do without this information. This Friday, August 19, a California-based company advised owners of certain iPhone, iPad and Mac models to update their operating software due to a security vulnerability reported by anonymous researchers, according to the firm.

Apple Warning: Hackers can take control

Apple Warning: This vulnerability allows certain attackers to take control of your devices, according to France Info. So, according to the Apple brand, in the previous version of the operating program there is an “application” that can “use arbitrary code” with access to a smartphone. To be clear, a hacker can perform tasks without your permission.

“This opportunity could be actively used” by hackers, Apple clarifies, picked up by France Info journalists. This vulnerability can also be exploited using “malicious Internet content,” the Cupertino, California-based company said. So many people must be stressed.

Which iPhone models are affected?

According to Express, all iPhone 6 and newer, all iPad Pros, iPad 5th generation and newer, and Macs will be attacked. Thus, we are talking about a very large number of models.

The solutions to these shortcomings are simple: Quickly download iOS version 15.6.1 for iPhone, iPadOS 15.6.1 for iPad, and macOS Monterey 12.5.1 for Mac, according to Apple. It takes only a few minutes. You really have to take the time to do this.

Data on the phone can be very sensitive. It could be banking information. On the Dark Web, hackers are experts in the field and resell information. In the event of a suspicious direct debit, you should quickly contact your bank to report the situation. Moreover, scammers are sometimes on the other side of the planet.

We already had the opportunity to talk about this on Objeko. Some also use your email to send requests for money to your relatives. Every time scammers try to extort money. Feel free to change your passwords frequently because some sites are subject to data breaches.

It is also the specialty of shepherds who often live in Africa. The elderly are often the easiest to fall into the trap. There is a kind of abuse of weakness. In the coming weeks and months, Objeko will be sure to inform you of the risks you may face.

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