Apple fined $ 12m in Russia

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The Russian anti-monopoly agency (FAS) announced on Tuesday that it had sentenced the US giant Apple to a record fine of more than $ 12 million for having “abused its dominant position”.

“The FAS has fined Apple 12 million dollars”, or 10 million euros at the current rate, for having “abused its dominant position in the distribution of mobile applications on the iOS operating system”, the regulator said in a statement.

The complaint behind this fine was filed by the cybersecurity company Kaspersky in 2019. The Russian group accused Apple of having barred access to a Kaspersky parental control application when the American giant was about to launch a similar application.

“From our point of view, Apple seems to be using its position as the owner of the platform (…) to dictate the conditions and prevent other developers from operating on an equal footing with it,” Kaspersky said in a press release. 2019.

“Apple respects the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service of Russia, but does not agree with the decision and will continue to appeal in due course”, for its part reacted the branch of Apple in Russia, quoted by the agency release Ria Novosti.

According to the FAS, Apple has “unlimited discretion, which can lead to a restriction of competition”. The Russian regulator has asked Apple to abandon the right to reject external applications on the App Store.

The Russian authorities have recently stepped up their tightening of the internet, coupled with a fight against foreign IT giants.

Last week, the FAS notably opened an investigation against Google and its YouTube video platform, also for “abuse of a dominant position”.

A law that came into force on April 1 also makes it compulsory to pre-install Russian software or applications (including that of Kaspersky) on all smartphones, tablets, computers and other connected objects sold in Russia.


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