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When viewed from the rear, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max may look identicaliphone 13 pro last year, but make no mistake. Something completely different is happening on the 14 Pro’s screen: The notch found on Face IDcompatible iPhones since the 2017 iPhone X has been replaced with a pillshaped notch that houses an improved TrueDepth camera. As a bonus, the space around this area now displays system alerts and background activity. Apple named it Dynamic Island. It’s a mini notification center that changes shape and size to display contextual information based on current activities (phone call, music, battery life, etc.).

iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are also eligible for the regular incremental upgrade with improved photo configuration, more powerful processor, alwayson screen,
iOS 16 as well as new safety features including collision detection and satellite emergency SOS.

6.1inch iPhone 14 Pro launches 1329 euros and 6.7inch 14 Pro Max on 1479 euros. They are available in space black, gold, silver and dark purple.

Dynamic Island Defines Pro

The iPhone 14 Pro differs from previous models in several aesthetic aspects. In addition to the new screen notch mentioned above, the camera module has become more prominent.

But it’s really
dynamic island which defines this phone. Our enthusiasm for this new feature only grew as we used it. It’s a handy way to see what’s going on without completely taking your attention away from what you’re doing.

The dynamic island is interactive. For example, if music is playing, a miniature waveform and a small thumbnail of the album cover appear on both sides of the cutout. When you press one of the sides, Spotify displays the song that is currently playing. During a FaceTime call, you can press and hold your finger on the interface to invoke commands.

You can touch the part with TrueDepth sensors without fear of leaving fingerprints. We didn’t notice any image impact with the selfie camera and Face ID. If two activities are running in the background, such as a phone call and a timer, Dynamic Island splits to show information about both activities.

iPhone 14 Pro and Dynamic Island a great example of how Apple has packaged a powerful tool into a nice interface. Too bad it’s reserved for the most expensive of the new iPhones. Such a fun and practical feature deserves to be democratized.

Permanent screen: another iPhone 14 Pro exclusivity

iOS 16 adds a lot of useful features, including new ways to customize your lock screen. Option reserved for 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max: permanent display. This is a low power version that can display important information when your phone is locked. Most Android smartphones have had this feature for years, but Apple’s implementation may be the most successful.

This alwayson screen displays the time, date, widgets, notifications, and a shaded version of the lock screen wallpaper. We had fun testing different combinations of wallpapers and lock screen widgets to see what it looks like. These color wallpapers are the biggest difference from Android phones, which usually just display the time and notifications in monochrome. When the 14 Pro is face down, in a pocket, in a bag, or next to another Apple device you are using, the screen will not turn on. In addition, in the settings there is an option to disable it completely.

I would like to be able to make the permanent display more inconspicuous and, for example, display only the time and date. The 14 Pro’s visually alwayson display is very active, which bothered us when the phone was in front of us.

Dynamic Island, new lock screen layout and alwayson display make the 14 Pro the most convenient iPhone to manage alerts and notifications. Presumably, this experience will only get better once live actions for the lock screen in iOS 16 become fully available. The Live Action feature displays realtime app updates on the lock screen, making it easy to follow the progress of a carpool or follow the score of a sports match.

iPhone 14 Pro camera

iPhone 14 Pro has a triple rear module:

  • main wideangle sensor
  • ultra wide angle
  • telephoto lens with 3x optical zoom

The main sensor lens has a longer focal length, from the 26mm equivalent on previous iPhones to the 24mm equivalent. It’s not radically different, but helps frame the scene better.

The main sensor is 48 megapixels. While more megapixels doesn’t necessarily mean better photos, Apple divides pixels into groups of four and combines them into one larger pixel. Result
a brighter 12megapixel photo with less noise and more detail. He takes great pictures. The main improvement is seen in medium to low light conditions: colors are beautiful and textures are excellent.

The photo below was taken on a foggy morning in San Francisco. Note the brick textures of the buildings and the gradual way the 14 Pro captures the mist enveloping the top of the Salesforce tower.

The photo below was taken under the canopy of a palm tree. The 14 Pro did a great job of capturing the different textures of leaves and bark while boosting the brightness.

With the ProRaw setting, you can take photos at a resolution of 48 megapixels. Please note that these files are large. The file for the photo of the bridge across the bay at sunset is 48 MB. After editing, the photo is saved in a much smaller JPEG format. Pay attention to the details of the cars and the support cables of the bridge.

The photo was taken by the main camera at full 48 megapixel resolution and saved as an Apple ProRaw file.

The ultra wide camera has a new sensor with more focusing pixels and an f2.2 aperture lens.All this translates into much clearer photos. The sensor, combined with Photonic Engine processing, allows you to take much better photos in less favorable situations. Ultra wideangle photos and videos are still a bit worse than with the main camera, but these improvements are welcome.

The photo was taken at an ultrawide angle.

Macro photography has also progressed. When you want to take a photo with the main camera when you’re close to the subject, the iPhone 14 Pro switches to ultrawide and crops to mimic the main camera. This results in more precise focusing, ideal for closeup shots of small objects. Last year’s 13 Pro had a similar feature, but with the 14 Pro, macro photography has better image quality, especially in medium and low light.

Macro mode allows you to get a few centimeters closer to your subject.

The telephoto lens is basically the same as the 13 Pro, but it uses Photonic Engine processing. As with the ultra wideangle lens, image quality slightly behind the main sensorespecially in darker conditions.

Photo taken with a telephoto lens

The TrueDepth camera lens has been improved with a brighter f1.9 aperture. The selfie camera features autofocus for the first time, which is great for group selfies.Below are additional photos taken with the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

The front camera has autofocus

Cinematic mode can now record in 4K at 24 frames per second. There is a new video stabilization tool called
action mode. When you shoot using this feature, your phone crops the image slightly to keep it centered and level with the horizon. At 4K, Action mode reduces the resolution to 2.8K, but the results remain impressive. And it works on all three rear sensors.

Indoor shots in mixed lighting generally produce good results.

macro photography

It was quite dark in this bar, but take a close look at the details of the signage and the skin tones of the people.

iPhone 14 and A16 Bionic processor

The engine of all these improvements is a new chip A16 Bionic. There is responsiveness in use. Games are a real pleasure. And subtle things like Dynamic Island animations are very fluid. In our tests, the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max proved to be not only faster than any iPhone we’ve tested so far, but also the fastest smartphones we can buy today.

The 14 Pro’s battery lasted without issue. All day. Since 14 Pro Max we have been regularly a day and a half.

The load is correct. In 30 minutes, 14 Pro Max increased from 14% to 59%. 14 Pro increased from 51% to 84% in the same time.

iPhone 14 Pro vs. iPhone 13 Pro, 12 Pro, 11 Pro

If you have an iPhone 13 Pro, nothing justifies replacing it.
While the improvements and new features are great, you won’t get a dramatically different experience. Update your 13 Pro to iOS 16 and enjoy new features.

If you have an iPhone 12 Pro and are hungry for change, the 14 Pro is a big step forward. in terms of performance, battery life, camera quality and additional features. If you have an iPhone 11 Pro or older, the iPhone 14 Pro is a huge improvement. article adapted by CNETFrance

Images: Celso Bulgatti, James Martin, Patrick Holland/CNET

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