Apple: iPhone, Mac and iPad sales explode in the last quarter

The MacBook lineup with the new M1 processor posted record sales in the second fiscal quarter as Apple crushed analysts’ expectations with revenue growth of 54%.

The company’s iPhone, iPad and Mac lines are also showing strong growth. The company reported second-quarter revenue of $ 89.6 billion, up 54% from a year ago.

International sales represent 67% of Apple’s total revenue.

“A period of radical innovation across the entire product line” according to Tim Cook

Analysts predicted Apple would achieve second-quarter revenue of $ 77.35 billion. CEO Tim Cook says the company “is going through a period of radical innovation across its product line.”

Apple recently launched new iMac and iPad Pro models with its new in-house processor, the M1.

IPhone revenue in the second quarter reached $ 47.94 billion, up from $ 28.96 billion a year ago. IPad sales reached $ 7.8 billion, up from $ 4.37 billion a year ago. Mac sales reached $ 9.1 billion, up from $ 5.35 billion last year.

The rise of the Apple Watch and services

The wearables segment, led by the Apple Watch, generated sales of $ 7.84 billion, up from $ 6.28 billion a year ago. Sales of services reached $ 16.9 billion, up from $ 13.35 billion last year.


Source: .com

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