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Apple is going to develop its own search engine. Another 4 years of work before we can launch it on the market.

For several years, Apple has invested in its search technology division. However, the company from Cupertino has not yet been able to offer a search engine with a good reputation.

Sophisticated laser integration

In 2018, Apple acquired Laserlike startup. This company, founded by three former Google employees, has developed search tools using machine learning. But, judging by the latest news, its integration will not have the expected effects. More seriously, the founders returned to work at Google, repatriating other members of the team. The loss of such talent could possibly penalize Apple in its efforts to improve its own search capabilities.

Will have to wait until 2026

According to 9toMac, it will take at least four years before Apple can compete with Google. During these 4 years, the apple brand will have to roll up its sleeves and continue to develop its search engine. According to the latest news, Apple would prioritize improving Spotlight and Siri.

Currently, Apple is paying handsomely to make Google the default search engine on its devices. The latest figures show annual revenues of between $8 billion and $12 billion. Apple will need a high performance tool to beat Google and have an ad agency to take over. Indeed, to do without such an amount is a big problem. Therefore, the company from Cupertino faces many challenges.

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