Apple Keynote: AirPods Pro 2 are official and earn a little more… everyone –

Apple’s annual high mass has allowed us, like every year, to discover and accompany a new line of iPhones, the American firm has unveiled another long-awaited product: the second-generation AirPods Pro.

Rumors about new high-quality Apple True Wireless headphones have been circulating for several months. The first generation was launched in 2019 in a context that no longer has anything to do with the current market. At the time, there were far fewer high-end models and they were just beginning to include Active Noise Cancellation (RBA) systems.

Still no Hi-Res or Lossless

Everyone has them these days, and almost all premium models have started to support high quality or even high definition Bluetooth transmission codecs. Sony has its LDAC, Qualcomm has aptX, aptX HD or even aptX Adaptive, and Android broadly has its LHDC used by several brands such as Huawei or Oppo. Recently, Samsung even released its own high-definition SSC codec for its Galaxy Buds Pro 2.

But for now, AirPods Pro will let through high-definition audio. On the other hand, the headphones have new drivers that should provide low distortion.

New chip under the hood

Step out of the H1 chip, AirPods Pro 2 now integrate the new H2 chip and support Bluetooth 5.3. The new chip drives active noise cancellation capable of picking up twice as much noise, according to Apple, as well as smart headphone features like always listening to Siri, multipoint playback with Apple products, or Audio Spatial for 3D effects from Dolby Atmos, but “personalized” this time.

We also note the introduction of an adaptive transparency mode that automatically controls the amount of ambient noise that the headphones let through.

Autonomy in the process

In addition, the battery life of the headphones has been extended to 6 hours with noise cancellation enabled (up from 5 before) for a total of 30 hours thanks to the case, which is still compatible with Qi wireless charging and MagSafe.

Good news, because the autonomy of the first AirPods Pro was a little weak and is currently below average in this price segment. Another novelty, the case now includes a U1 chip and a speaker that can make a sound when you look for it, just like each of the earbuds.

If the overall design doesn’t change, both aesthetically and with regards to the body’s Lightning connectors, the new AirPods Pro get volume control by sliding on the headphone stem, a novelty borrowed from competitors (specifically Oppo, Huawei or Nothing). Details that might be important: To fit more people, AirPods Pro 2 will come with 4 sizes of eartips, and the earphones are splash-resistant (IPX4) and sweat-resistant.

Price and availability

Pre-orders will open on September 9 at 2:00 pm on Apple’s website, with first shipments on September 23. As for the price of the headphones, Apple announces a price of 249 euros in the US, the same as for the previous model, but in France the price rises to 299 euros from 279 euros for the first generation.

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