Apple Keynote: How to watch the iPhone 14 and Apple Watch Series 8 launch? –

As expected, on September 7, Apple has scheduled the biggest event of the year – the launch of the latest version of its most important product line: the iPhone.

Rumor has it that the latest version, which should be called the iPhone 14, features an always-on display similar to the one found on the Apple Watch, allowing you to view information all the time without ruining your device’s battery life.

The brand hasn’t said much about what it plans to announce at its event, just sent out a cryptic invitation to the press with an Apple logo resembling the night sky, suggesting possible camera improvements or rumors of a satellite emergency. calls. It includes the catchy words “Far away”.

The release of the iPhone 14 will also mark the 15th anniversary of the original iPhone’s launch in June 2007. Then this device was not destined to have the success that it enjoys today. Of course, many tech industry watchers were excited about Apple’s prospects, but the company had yet to prove that it could build robust phone technology. It also faced strong competitors such as Microsoft, Palm, and Research in Motion, whose Blackberry devices dominated the market at the time. However, within a decade, Apple and Google’s popular Android software have surpassed all three of these companies.

While the iPhone will be the flagship product at Apple’s event this year and is likely to be the focus of most people’s attention, the company is expected to hold other events and showcase new devices later this year. We’re thinking about new Macs with better chips and new iPads.

When will the Apple event take place?

The Apple event will take place on September 7 at 19:00 French time.

Where can I watch Apple’s keynote?

You will be able to follow Apple’s keynote live from the company’s website. Meanwhile, we will be reporting the event live on . article adapted from

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