Apple launches Apple Watch 6 with blood oxygen sensor

Apple on Tuesday announced the Apple Watch Series 6, its latest iteration of a smartwatch that includes a new health sensor to measure blood oxygen levels and improve fitness tracking. Apple also announced a cheaper version of the smartwatch called the Apple Watch SE.

According to Apple, measuring blood oxygen saturation and pulse oximetry are important barometers of health, but more so during the coronavirus pandemic. For many people infected with COVID-19, monitoring blood oxygen is essential to know when it’s time to call emergency services. Series 6 is the first Apple Watch to include this sensor. The price starts at 429 €.

The Apple Watch SE is touted as a budget option with a starting price of € 299. The watch uses the S5 chip and shares some technical characteristics with the 6 series, but with a design similar to the 4 series.

WatchOS 7 at the wand

The new Apple Watch is the successor to the Apple Watch Series 5 and will run on WatchOS 7.

Apple held its annual global developer conference at the end of June, where the company announced the beta of WatchOS 7 for its smartwatch line. The main new features of the operating system include the ability to track various workouts as well as sleep patterns. Apple said that WatchOS 7 will also offer new exercises, and that users will get more sports side by combining various sensors in Apple Watch with heart rate.

Jeff Williams, chief operating officer of Apple, said WatchOS 7 can measure a full range of VO2 max, which Apple says is a key indicator of health. Apple has also beefed up sleep tracking in WatchOS 7 with sleep time measurement tools.

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