Apple M2 Pro vs M1 Pro: what are the differences and which one to choose?

Apple delivered a general surprise with the introduction of its MacBook Pro M2 and the new M2 Pro and M2 Max chipsets.

With more GPUs, the M2 Max is undeniably the more powerful of the last two chips found in Apple computers and its iPad. However, here we are talking about the differences between the 2023 M2 Pro and its 2021 M1 Pro predecessor.

Apple equips its M2 Pro with more GPUs

When it arrived, the M1 Pro stood out as one of the most powerful chips out there right now. Then she landed with a 16-core GPU. In 8K video, the speed is 1.7 times faster than the AMD Radeon Pro 5600M GPU. However, the M2 Pro has much more powerful features, referring to only 19 cores.

More cores mean faster speed and the ability to process more data at the same time. Apple also claims the M2 Pro is the perfect choice for 4K video editing or 3D rendering.

The M2 Pro also comes with more processors and transistors.

Apple’s latest two chips also have more processors. If the M1 Pro is configurable with up to 10 cores. As for the M2 Pro, it stands out with a 12-core processor.

Apple says the M2 Pro should perform better than the M1 Pro. Indeed, a computer with more cores is more multitasking. This makes the M2 Pro the best option for those looking for high performance.

With its 40 billion transistors, the M2 Pro is far superior to the M1 Pro. The latter indeed has 6.3 billion fewer transistors than Apple’s latest. More transistors does mean that the computer in question is more multitasking.

Apple M2 Pro, more resources to manage creative tasks

Apple has yet to officially release statistics for its latest chips. However, he has already posted a graph showing the speed of the M2 Pro compared to the M1 Pro. The latest addition excels in both transcoding and video editing. Its speed can also be seen in image zooming and photo editing…

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