Apple Music and Apple TV are preparing to release in the Microsoft Store

Last October, Microsoft took advantage of its fall event to unveil some new features, including the upcoming arrival of Apple Music and Apple TV on its store. It’s already done, or almost…

Versions not fully functional

As a result, apps looked good in redmond store. But so far these are only preliminary versions, and it is not yet possible to install them. However, there is more information in the descriptions provided by Apple.

The latter, in particular, announces that not all functions may work properly. Also, after installing Apple Music Preview and Apple TV Preview, iTunes will no longer open and audiobooks or podcasts on their device will not be available until a compatible version of iTunes is released. Therefore, in order to use iTunes again, you must uninstall this version of the application.

Besides, Cupertino has also released the Apple Devices Preview, which allows you to control your Apple devices from your Windows PC.. Again, this is a pre-release version and not all features may work properly. Please note that these three new Apple apps require Windows 11 version 22621.0 or higher.

Stay tuned for Apple ARVR!

But it is in the very code of this new application that there is a slight novelty. Indeed, this code mentions realOS and xrOS, two terms associated with Apple’s upcoming ARVR headset.. They have already been presented as potential names for the operating system of a future device expected this year.

As a reminder, the name realOS will be the name of the new operating system, Apple has also registered it with its screen company. The company has also registered trademarks such as Reality One, Reality Pro and Reality Processor.

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