Apple: New data protection and video conferencing features

by Stephen Nellis and Paresh Dave

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Apple, accused by rivals of having too much control over its online smartphone application store (“App Store”), on Monday unveiled new features to boost life protection users, expand the possibilities of videoconferencing and store virtual identity documents.

These plans were announced at the annual Global Developers Conference hosted by the Apple firm, as some program developers began to complain about Apple’s grip on which apps should or should not be used on its devices. , in addition to denouncing commissions ranging from 15% to 30% on sales of smartphone applications.

Many of the new features allow users of Apple products to protect their personal data. In some American states, it will be possible for them to scan their identity documents to have an encrypted virtual version on their smartphone, as well as credit and transport cards.

Apple said it is working with the US Transportation Security Administration to have virtual documents accepted at airports across the country.

In many cases, Apple will not have access to all of its users’ information either. The company has updated the paid version of its “Cloud” to hide the online habits of the user of the storage service. This feature will not be available in China for regulatory reasons, Apple said, as well as in Belarus, Colombia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and the Philippines.

A new cloud feature, the price of which will not change, Apple said, will allow users to hide their real email address, as advertisers increasingly use these addresses to track users’ online journeys.

The company has also changed some video conferencing applications and services in a way that suggests increased pressure on Zoom’s video service and Microsoft’s Teams, which have grown in popularity with the coronavirus health crisis.

Apple has revised its FaceTime video chat app to allow scheduling phone conversations with multiple parties and to make the app compatible with Android and Windows devices.

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