Apple: New iPhones, Same Problems

The Californian group unveiled, as expected, the iPhone 13 range (Photo: 123RF).

San Francisco – Apple on Tuesday introduced new high-tech smartphones, tablets and watches with plenty of superlatives, but the tech giant can hardly forget the criticism that is piling up on the competition, privacy or security front.

“What a spectacular series of announcements,” welcomed Chief Tim Cook at the end of the annual online broadcast marketing event required by the pandemic.

But unlike last year, with the addition of 5G, the technical improvements to the new generation of Apple-branded devices do not include a fundamental change.

“Another annual update event without many surprises,” tweeted Gene Munster of Loup Funds.

The Californian group has presented, as expected, the iPhone 13 range. It includes four models, from the “Mini” version that will be marketed from $ 700, to the iPhone 13 Pro Max, from $ 1,100. Prices equivalent to those of the iPhone 12 when they go on sale in late 2020.

Its cameras and batteries are working better, and 5G capacity is expected to be rolled out to more than 200 phone carriers in 60 countries and regions by the end of the year, said Kaiann Drance, vice president responsible for iPhones.

He also recalled the most recent measures taken to protect the confidentiality of consumer data, one of the main selling points of the brand.

Even if Apple just wiped out several weeks of controversy over its new tools to combat child pornography on its iPhone and iPad. The measures sparked an uproar among advocates of online privacy.

The firm assured that these new algorithms did not make its system less secure or less confidential, but nevertheless decided in early September to delay its implementation.

At the end of August, it also announced grants to application developers. Many of them accuse Apple of abusing its dominant position in the mobile economy, forcing them to use the App Store as a gateway for consumers to download apps and pay for digital goods and services.

A California judge in the lawsuit against Epic Games, publisher of the Fortnite game, just banned the company from forcing developers to use its payment system within their apps.

“More than a million apps have been designed specifically” for the iPad, said Tim Cook, who never misses an opportunity to highlight the rich ecosystem created by the 13-year-old invention of the App Store.


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