Apple Releases First iPadOS 16.1 Beta, iPadOS Launch Delayed

Apple has just released the 7th beta of iOS 16, there will be no 7th beta of iPadOS 16 as Apple has just released the first beta of iPadOS 16.1.

There have been rumors that iPadOS 16 will launch later than iOS 16, likely in October, and now Apple has confirmed that the software will launch later.

Apple has confirmed to TechCrunch that iOS and iPadOS will not launch at the same time this year, you can see what they said below.

“This is a particularly important year for iPadOS. Because it is a proprietary platform with features specifically designed for iPad, we have the ability to release iPadOS on our own schedule. This fall, iPadOS will ship after iOS 16.1 as a free software update.”

So it looks like the rumors were correct, we suspect that the iPadOS 16 October launch date rumors will be true, and at the same time, we will also see some new iPads.

The first beta version of iPadOS 16.1 brings a number of new features to the iPad, including the new Apple Stage Manager for iPad. The update also brings a number of other new features and bug fixes, as well as various performance improvements.

We look forward to knowing more details on when Apple will release the iOS 16.1 software update, the new beta is now available for download, and you can find out more details from the link below.

SourceApple, TechCrunch

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