Apple Watch 8 – 5 biggest rumors of the moment

It may be just a few weeks before the Apple Watch 8 debuts. Some rumors suggest that Apple’s next event will take place in early September, and Apple’s next-generation flagship smartwatch is among the devices we expect to showcase there.

In fact, there could be up to three new Apple Watch models this year. Rumor has it that along with the Apple Watch Series 8, we may see the Apple Watch SE 2 and the all-new Apple Watch 8 Pro. Each of these devices has the potential for exciting upgrades, new fitness tracking features, and more.

Most of our information about the Apple Watch Series 8 comes from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, a trusted Apple whistleblower who has shared several reports over the past months detailing the updated Apple Watch 8 line. We don’t have many details from other sources, but it’s still worth it. check out the rumors we heard.

Here are the biggest Apple Watch 8 rumors to watch out for as we get closer to the expected smartwatch launch. After all, the Apple Watch 8 could be the best smartwatch of the year.

Skin temperature sensor

Apple may be planning a response with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5. While it’s impossible to say which company first started working on body temperature tracking with smartwatches, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5’s skin temperature sensor recently materialized. Although this feature will primarily be used for sleep tracking, it is not yet available.

We’ve heard conflicting rumors about the Apple Watch 8 case temperature sensor. Apple should include a new health sensor; we last got a blood oxygen reader on the Apple Watch Series 6. But we’re skeptical about announcing a sensor unless it has the proper clearances or features. As long as it’s approved and working, the skin temperature sensor could further enhance the Apple Watch as a medical device. The sensor can be used to track fertility, sleep data, and eventually fever.

Apple Watch 8 Pro, Apple Watch SE 2

Aside from the new sensor, the biggest rumors about the Apple Watch 8 probably involve additional models planned for this year: the Apple Watch 8 Pro and Apple Watch SE 2.

The Apple Watch 8 Pro will feature premium materials, a larger screen, and longer battery life than the base Series 8, Gurman says. The 8 Pro could be better suited for outdoor sports than any of the best Apple Watch versions before. this.

Meanwhile, the Apple Watch SE 2 could replace the original Apple Watch SE with some of the cut-down features of the Apple Watch 8 in an older design. We hope to see a faster processor and SpO2 reader, if not an ECG reader. The always-on display option for the Apple Watch SE will be another major upgrade.

Low Power Mode

Gurman said that Apple Watch may soon receive a low power mode or improved battery management capabilities. The Apple Watch currently offers a Power Reserve feature that lets you check the time even when your smartwatch’s battery is nearly empty. But unlike the iPhone or iPad, there’s no proactive “low power” setting that disables many battery-draining features with a single switch.

It’s not yet clear if this low power mode will be available for all watchOS 9-enabled devices or only for the Apple Watch Series 8. Apple may announce some watchOS 9 features that are specific or exclusive to upcoming smartwatches. If true, this could be a huge difference between the Apple Watch 8 and the Apple Watch 8. Apple Watch 7.

color rumors

Recent advice tells us that the Apple Watch 8’s color choices may be thinner than previously suggested. In one of the few non-Gourman rumors, Twitter whistleblower ShrimpApplePro suggests that the Apple Watch Series 8 will be available in Midnight, Starlight, Product Red, and Silver. While Starlight is very similar to Silver, we did notice a slight difference in the two colors offered for the MacBook Air M2.

It could also mean that blue and green are no longer suitable for the Apple Watch. Whether this number reflects sales of the Apple Watch Series 7 or simply takes into account the number of options rumored to be available for the two devices adjacent to the Apple Watch 8 is unknown.

Rumors about the price and release date of the Apple Watch 8

Finally, we have the latest Apple Watch Series 8 price and release date rumors. The Series 8 base series is expected to keep its $399 starting price with surcharges for LTE and a larger size. The Apple Watch SE 2 should cost $279, while the price of the Apple Watch 8 Pro remains a mystery. Gurman said it could cost up to $999 – the same as the iPhone 13 Pro – but time will tell. By comparison, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro starts at $449.

According to rumors, the next Apple event will take place on September 7th. This is a week ahead of Apple’s previous September events, so it could mean we’ll see the Apple Watch 8 series and iPhone 14 a little earlier than expected. Despite this, we will definitely see an official invitation to the event at least a week in advance.

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