Apple Watch Sales for Memorial Day 2022 – The Best Deals You Can Expect

The Apple Watch 7 is one of the best fitness devices on the market. However, like most Apple devices, its price is above average. Luckily, the Apple Watch Memorial Day sale is about to start to help bring down the cost of Apple’s most popular watch.

We expect Memorial Day watch sales to drop by $50-$150 this year on Apple Watches. If you can’t wait until the end of the month, there is good news. Today, there are many Apple Watch deals to take advantage of. However, if you can afford to wait a few days, we will see even better prices than the deals available now.

For example, the Apple Watch 7 is sold on Amazon for $329. That’s $70 off the Apple Store price. However, Memorial Day Apple Watch sales could bring the price of the base model down to just $309, which is the price we saw earlier this spring.

Be sure to keep an eye on our Apple Memorial Day sales roundup for the best early deals on all Apple tech.

Apple Watch sales on Memorial Day – what to expect

If you’re looking for the cheapest Apple Watch, the Apple Watch 3 should again be your top choice. It regularly sells for $169 at Walmart, so look for deals below that.

If you prefer a more modern Apple Watch – it’s not as expensive as the Apple Watch 7 – then we recommend you check out the Apple Watch Memorial Day sales on the Apple Watch SE. The base model hit an all-time low of $219, although it could drop another $10 by Memorial Day.

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