Apple Watch Series 7: Everything is bigger

After the announcement of the Apple Watch Series 7, I wasn’t sure I wanted to get in right away. I was happy with my Apple Watch Series 6. Aside from a larger screen, there didn’t seem to be many improvements other than the pure software introduced in WatchOS 8, most of which were available on Series 6 and earlier devices.

Furthermore, the Apple Silicon S7 chip shares the same ID t8301 and the same rated performance as the S6 chip, and the 7 series does not contain any new sensor hardware. The Watch Series 7 is essentially a Watch Series 6 with a larger screen. I didn’t think I was going to be much more impressed with her.

But this year, they added me to Apple’s review program. So I was able to test the watch. And here’s what I think: with the Series 7, the big screen changes everything.

What do you mean ? Well, at 52, it’s all about using larger fonts to make it easier to read on a screen. My eyes don’t improve with age, so sharper, easier-to-read text on a small screen will make the difference between a decent user experience and a good experience.

I liked my Series 6, but I used it with as much text as possible. But that means I couldn’t get as much information on the screen as I did with the 7 Series, because the screen area was significantly increased, around 20% more. This is a lot more than a Series 6, and a lot more than a vintage watch, especially if you’re using a Series 3 or Series 4. You don’t need to scroll that far and more information is available. Presented on the screen.


I like big fonts and I can’t lie. Jason Perlow /

The benefit of a bigger screen isn’t just about seeing more text on a bigger screen; It’s also much easier to use apps and watch faces that contain complex data items. For example, watch faces with many complications, such as Chronograph Pro, are much easier to read and it is much easier to select a complication with your finger thanks to the larger display. When you have big toes, that’s a huge improvement.


I’m looking at my latest Yelp review. Jason Perlow /

Brightness also increases when the Watch 7 is in the idle position indoors. It’s a small change, but it shows and allows you to more discreetly check the time or notifications without having to raise your arm, increasing the brightness of the screen.

All aspects of the Apple Watch have been optimized for the new model, and some features are specific to the Series 7 in WatchOS 8, such as Contour (which takes advantage of the screen design towards the edge of the new screen) and Modular Duo (which has room for three larger and more detailed complications).


Chronograph Pro watch dial in Series 7. Jason Perlow /

However, the new screen will force many application developers to make changes, as it has a higher resolution and a larger screen area. For example, my RadarScope app for Apple Watch is currently running at Series 6 resolution and is not yet using the entire display area.

According to Apple’s developer documentation:

“When a 41mm or 45mm watch runs an application compiled for watchOS 7 or earlier, the system placed the interface in letterbox format, centering it on the screen. Screen, build your application with watchOS SDK 8 or later. When compiling With these SDKs, you also need to add the 51-dot home screen icon and the 117-dot short-look icon to the 45mm clock. ”

These aren’t big changes, but there are plenty of Apple Watch apps that will need to be rebuilt with the current SDK.


RadarScope has not yet been fully optimized for the Series 7 display. Jason Perlow /

As I have only had the product for a few days, I still have not had time to evaluate the recharge, nor the battery life. But for now, everything is fine; the device does not seem to drain faster than its predecessor. The Watch Series 7 works great with my existing charging accessories, such as the various combo docking stations for my iPhone and Watch, so I don’t need to replace them. When I place it on my nightstand, it charges at the same speed as my Apple Watch Series 6.

Overall, I think the Watch Series 7 is a great upgrade for an older Apple Watch customer. My eyes may not be getting any younger, but at least my watch screen is getting bigger.

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