Apple Watch Ultra review (video)

The new Apple Watch Ultra goes on sale tomorrow. Designed as a rugged smartwatch, it has the longest battery life on an Apple Watch to date.

The video below from Marquez Brownlee gives us a glimpse of the new Apple Watch and its feature set, as well as how long that big battery lasts.

According to Apple’s specs, the battery in the Apple Watch Ultra will last up to 36 hours, and we can see in the video that the device far exceeds that as it still had about 20 percent power on its third day of use. charger.

The new Apple Watch comes with a titanium case and 49mm display, is significantly more durable than the regular Apple Watch, and features a sapphire crystal display.

The device is rated MILSTD 810H and EN13319 certified, they are designed for use as a diving watch and dive computer and are rated to dive to a depth of 100m.

There is only one version of the Apple Watch Ultra with three different band colors. They go on sale tomorrow and are priced at $799.

Source and Image: Brownlee Brands

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