Aptiv presents a new platform for advanced driver assistance systems

Aptiv unveiled Monday, January 11, 2021 the new generation of its platform for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) for levels 1 to 3 SAE. This platform includes a complete solution including perception systems, software, computing power and connectivity.

A scalable platform
This platform is designed to be deployed on a large scale and at low cost on a wide range of vehicles, whether it is a compact car or a large sedan. Bigger vehicles simply require more sensors or cameras, Glen De Vos, CTO of Aptiv, told Reuters. It can manage a whole set of ADAS, whether it is autonomous parking, cruise control, automated lane change, etc.

This solution also includes a system to ensure that the driver is attentive to the road by analyzing his eyes and gestures. The software, meanwhile, can be updated remotely in order to offer new functionalities or easily correct existing problems. This platform can evolve towards a higher level of autonomy and integrate in the future new functionalities developed by Motional, the joint venture of Aptiv and Hyundai.

Cost reduction
Currently, one of the biggest issues for automakers in this area is the cost of the sensors needed to implement an autonomous driving system or advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). “The development and validation of these systems can cost hundreds of millions of dollars” to automakers, Glen De Vos told Reuters. With its new platform, Aptiv promises to reduce these costs.

In parallel with the marketing of this platform, Aptiv is continuing its efforts to develop an autonomous vehicle. The company has notably formed a joint venture with Hyundai called Motional for this purpose. The latter wishes to multiply the tests and deployments of robot taxi services.

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