Arcplace and Verit develop AI solution for real estate archiving

Arcplace, an electronic document management (EDM) and ECM solutions company, has developed an AI-based archiving solution in collaboration with Verit Immobilier. The technology being developed will automate most of the tasks required when transferring authority from one real estate agency to another, Verit said in a statement.

The mandated access solution covers the whole process: possible digitization of paper documents, classification and indexing of documents, targeted transfer to the digital archives of the new leader. The solution is based on document-trained artificial intelligence and an archiving structure specific to real estate management. The solution implemented for Verit will be offered as a service to other companies in the industry.

“With the new ticket access process, we have solved a fundamental governance problem in Arcplace. Whether documents are transferred in paper or digital format, we now have a simple and intelligent solution that allows us to transfer all documents to an immutable archive in the desired format with virtually no manual effort,” says Martin Frey, Director of Digital Technology at Verit . Real estate. According to the agency, the tool reduces the number of manual operations by up to 60% during the transfer of a mandate.

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