Are you looking forward to The Sims 5? Here are 5 games to make to wait for their release!

Electronic Arts recently lifted the veil on a new chapter in its interplanetary success story by announcing Project René, also known as The Sims 5, the next episode designed exclusively for the next generation. During the development of this blockbuster, the company’s teams revealed several details about it. Therefore, the program includes: a system for the simultaneous evolution of players, ultra-precise designs and sims with almost human emotions. If you’re itching to discover the next part of Maxis’ flagship license, here are five titles to keep you waiting!

Stardew Valley (PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox One)

After inheriting their virtual grandfather’s old farm, Stardew Valley players must take on the challenge of managing this challenging enterprise. The goal is to turn the earth into a prosperous place to live. The valley seems promising and users will need to restore it to its former glory. In addition, they will be able to make important connections with the people of Stardew Valley and turn their farm into a gathering place. This is a management RPG that Sims fans should love!

Cities: Skylines (all platforms)

While The Sims allows players to simulate the family life of multiple households, Cities: Skyline is a city simulation. Players can be at the head of an entire city, which they have to manage as best as possible. Incredibly realistic game reproduces the feelings and challenges inherent in creating and managing a real community while gradually building a real empire!

Sims 5

Minecraft (all platforms)

In the cubic manufacturing world of Mojang, anything is possible. In survival or creative mode, players will have the opportunity to shape the virtual world in their own way. In Minecraft, you can create your own home as you wish, as well as explore the mines filled with all sorts of monsters. If you enjoy the creative side of building in The Sims, this is the game for you. The only point that differs sharply from the production of EA is the relationship between living beings, which is closer to confrontation than to rapprochement.

Sims 5

Two Point Campus (all platforms)

At Two Point Campus, fans of management games will be able to create their own educational environment, which will host the best educational infrastructure available. Every detail of the Campus lends itself to change: from the classrooms to the smallest bush in the yard.

In addition, users can get to know their students, discover their different personalities, needs and desires. The director’s task is to ensure the happiness of his young students. The goal is to make their student years completely unforgettable!

Sims 5

Spore (PC)

Developed by the Maxis teams, Spore allows players to control not the lives of virtual people, but the lives of single-celled creatures that they will have to try to develop. The production includes five stages: Cage, Creature, Tribe, Civilization and Space. At each stage, users will have to face external threats that will try to destroy your species. However, players can develop their universe as they wish. Almost anything can be modeled in Spore: creatures, vehicles, buildings, and even spaceships!

Sims 5

Among all these productions, you are sure to find something to look forward to the next opus of The Sims!

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