Argentina complains about delay in deliveries of Russian vaccine Sputnik V

(Buenos Aires) Argentina has complained to Russia about delays in delivering doses of the Sputnik V anticancer vaccine, threatening a breach of contract, the Argentine government announced Thursday.

The July 7 letter was addressed to the Russian Sovereign Wealth Fund (RDIF), which is responsible for promoting the vaccine, presidential adviser Cecilia Nicolini told reporters.

By December, Argentina became the first Latin American country to approve the Sputnik vaccine and one of the first in the world.

Urgent need for a second dose

The letter emphasizes that Argentina is “urgently” in need of second doses. “At this stage, the entire contract is in danger of being publicly denounced.”

“We understand the shortage and production difficulties that arose several months ago,” the letter says.

“But today, seven months later, we are still very late, and we are starting to receive regular doses from other suppliers on time,” it says.

Argentina, home to 45 million people, has ordered 30 million doses of Sputnik V. It has received 11.86 million so far, according to Mme Nicolini.

Developed by the Gamaleïa laboratory, the Sputnik V vaccination requires two doses, each different from the other.

At the moment, 9.37 million of the first component have been delivered, and the second – only 2.49 million.

At the start of the campaign, Argentina first sought to deliver the first dose to as many people as possible, and three months later, the second.

But most people who get the first injection still wait more than three months for the second injection.

In recent weeks, the government has accelerated the vaccination campaign, especially fearing the consequences of the Delta variant.

Argentina also uses the AstraZeneca (Anglo-Swedish) and Sinopharm (Chinese) vaccines. She recently received a donation of the Moderna vaccine from the United States.

Just over 17 million Argentines received their first vaccine injection, and fewer than six million are fully immune.

The country has recorded about 4.79 million cases of coronavirus and nearly 103 thousand deaths.

According to RDIF, Sputnik V has received approval in 68 countries around the world.

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