Arkansas, first US state to ban transgender minors from medical transition

Arkansas on Tuesday became the first US state to prohibit minors who do not identify with their gender from birth access to hormonal treatments or operations, the latest illustration of the current conservative offensive against transgender people.

The elected officials of this southern state, bordered by the Mississippi and known for its Christian conservatism, decided to override the veto of Governor Asa Hutchinson who saw in the text “too much interference by the authorities” in the health of individuals.

“Today, the elected officials of Arkansas have ignored the widespread and massive opposition to this bill and continued their discriminatory crusade against transgender youth,” denounced a representative of the powerful American civil rights association ACLU, Holly Dickson.

Arkansas also recently passed several bills, which critics say limit the rights of transgender people.

The latest aims to ban transgender women from competing in women’s sports competitions. This issue is the hobbyhorse of many American conservatives, and bills of the same ilk exist in many states.

In total, the Human Rights Campaign said it had identified more than 195 “anti-LGBTQ” texts under debate in the United States, and “anti-trans bills” in more than 30 states.

US President Joe Biden has taken a position on the subject, promulgating on the first day of his mandate a decree aimed at “preventing and combating discrimination on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation”.

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