Arrest of two men suspected of drug trafficking on the dark web

Previous investigations have already allowed the pseudonym “DrugSource” to be listed as a sponsor of this network.

Two men suspected of running and running drug trafficking on the dark web have been arrested in Nantes and Le Mans after an extensive investigation by cyber investigators aimed at dismantling the network, we learned Tuesday from forensic sources. During searches of the homes of the two suspects, investigators seized “432,000 euros in cryptocurrencies, 9,000 euros in cash and 23,000 euros in bank deposits,” Rennes prosecutor Philippe Astruc said in a press release.

According to the Rennes prosecutor’s office, this network was led by a 29-year-old man living in Nantes and “suspected of organizing traffic” and a second, 24, who “acted as a logistician.” at Mance. Arrested on September 20 at home, they are prosecuted on the counts of “drug trafficking, possession of prohibited goods without appropriate supporting documents, customs laundering and laundering of proceeds from drug trafficking” and will be tried in Rennes on September 14. november.

They face 10 years in prison. Although the National Intelligence and Customs Investigation Administration (DNRED) cybercustoms unit launched an investigation in September 2020, the investigation allowed the pseudonym “DrugSource” to be identified as a sponsor of this network.

450,000 euros in goods and securities

“More than 3,000 drug sales on the dark web between September 2020 and October 2021” were attributed to this sponsor, who offered ecstasy, MDMA, heroin and cocaine. According to Mr. Astruc, “DrugSource+’s profits in the context of its illegal activities could exceed 1.5 million euros.” The network could be dismantled after “two years of investigations combining traditional and digital investigative methods,” the prosecutor said.

During the searches, investigators from the Judicial Investigation Service for Finance (SEJF) and the Cyber ​​Command of the Gendarmerie (ComCyberGend) seized more than 450,000 euros in property and securities, including “432,000 euros in cryptocurrencies.” “Searchs and interrogations confirmed their involvement in the movement,” said the justice of the peace. Presented to the public prosecutor of Rennes on Friday, they became the subject of a postponement procedure. The alleged sponsor, already convicted in 2020 for online fraud, has been placed in pre-trial detention. The logistician, unknown to justice, was taken under judicial control, the prosecutor clarifies.

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