Arrested in the case of the seizure of 58 kilograms of cannabis – Jonathan Job: arrest of a police officer with no history

  • His colleagues: “Zame nou ti panse li dan kitsoz koumsa.”

His colleagues from the police do not hide their surprise after his arrest. Jonathan Rabot is said to be a shy, calm, disciplined man. On Monday, he was detained in connection with the confiscation of 58 kg of marijuana in the Morne region.

He is suspected of playing scouts for the transfer of a cargo of 58 kilograms of marijuana, which arrived by sea on the west coast of the island on the evening of Sunday 2 to Monday 3 October. Constable Jonathan Job, 29, was arrested along with six other suspects by the PHQ strike team and held in custody.

His police colleagues make no secret of their surprise at the arrest of a man they describe as shy, quiet and unremarkable. They call him a legitimate cop. “Zame nou ti pou panse li dan kitsoz koumsa,” they say.

Jonathan Simon Rabot, who lives in Montaigne Blanche, has been with the police for almost eight years. He underwent six months of training in the Special Support Detachment (SSU). In the School of the SBU, those who knew him speak of a disciplined and impeccable young man. “He was very disciplined and was never the target of nasty remarks,” said one of his colleagues.

However, as noted in relevant circles, it happens that when leaving the educational institution, some policemen go down the wrong path. “I remember well after, kanzot allor koltar ki zot kumans” infecte “. Because if discipline and rigor are required in the training center, then not always in posts or other units. “He was an ordinary beginner, studied well and showed himself well in training, ”says a classmate.

Passionate about big cars, Jonathan Jobs joined the Traffic Branch motorcycle team shortly after serving in the police force. After some time, he was transferred to the Terre Rouge police station at the request of his superiors. According to one of his colleagues, this transfer would not be unreasonable. But he won’t say more. “Know ti pe supsone ana kitsoz pa korek, saem tou kapav dir…” suggests the head of the traffic department, who led the group in which Constable Jonathan Work worked.

Starting next week, Constable Jobs, who has hired attorney Stephen Sorbois, will be called on to answer questions from the narcotics department. Commissioner Anil Kumar Deep’s PHQ strike team has already referred the case to the Narcotics and Smuggling Enforcement Unit (ADSU) for investigation. A team of investigators was formed to bring this case to a successful conclusion. ADSU is already on the trail of other alleged accomplices.

An analysis of the mobile phones of the seven suspects arrested in this case should allow the Central Barracks to see the mechanism of the movement more clearly.


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