Artemis I: how to evaluate the arrival of the Orion capsule to the Moon

The mission of Artemis I continues. The Orion capsule flew over the moon. It has yet to enter orbit around it. The arrival of the ship in the vicinity of the moon can be monitored online.

Orion is in the sphere of influence of the Moon. The capsule, launched into space on November 16, 2022, is the centerpiece of the Artemis I mission, the first in the Artemis program. It is currently uninhabited, but its flight makes it possible to prepare future crewed missions.

Finally, the apparatus approached the surface of the moon. Then Orion will have to fly around the moon. The event could be followed live, online. Now you can see it again.

  • When ? The live broadcast took place on Monday, November 21, 2022, from 11:15. The capsule passed closest to the moon just before 2:00 pm.

  • Where ? On the NASA YouTube channel.

  • Which ? The Orion capsule from the Artemis I mission approaches the Moon and flies over it less than 130 km from its surface. It will soon enter orbit around the star.

After several days of travel, Orion arrives at his destination. The capsule must evolve at a distance of more than 450,000 km from our planet.

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