Artemis I: Lego, seeds, Shaun the Sheep, find out the list of objects sent to the moon –

NASA’s Artemis I mission to the moon could launch as early as August 29. There will be no people on board, but there will be many objects, including mannequins (“munkins”) and the cartoon television character Shaun the Sheep. On Wednesday, NASA announced the contents of the official flight kit, a cultural and educational “time capsule” that will be in the Orion spacecraft when it reaches the moon.

“Many of the items included in the flight kit are symbols of NASA’s cultural significance or collaborative efforts with STEM-focused organizations,” NASA said in a statement. This includes the Girl Scout Space Icon Set.

Among the 54 kilograms of souvenirs there are some notable items. A small piece of moon rock from the Apollo 11 mission will be washed away. The same stone was on board the last spaceship, so he had already traveled a lot. NASA said this would signify the importance of a spacecraft built to bring people back to the moon. The crest and bolt from Apollo 11 will also link the Apollo legacy to the Artemis program.

You can see the full list of the official flight kit. There are a variety of patches, flags and badges, including 245 silver Snoopy badges. NASA has long been associated with the Peanuts comic strip created by Charles Schultz, and the dog character Snoopy in particular. These silver badges are a badge of prestige given by NASA astronauts to deserving aerospace employees for “outstanding performance that contributes to flight safety and mission success.”

True to the Peanuts theme, Artemis I will wear the pen nib used by Schultz. The set also includes 4 Lego minifigures, a 3D printed statue of the Greek goddess Artemis, assorted tree and plant seeds and Dead Sea pebbles.

Artemis I is the first major step in NASA’s efforts to return humans to the lunar surface and establish a long-term presence on our lunar neighbor. All eyes will be on the mighty Space Launch System rocket and Orion capsule to see if they can properly start the Artemis era by launching and then safely bringing back all those memories. article adapted by CNETFrance

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