Artemis I mission: Rocket launch will take place this Saturday, September 3 –

Delayed due to a technical problem, the Artemis I rocket launch, originally scheduled for August 29, will finally take place this Saturday, September 3rd at 20:17., French time. The US space agency scheduled a 2 hour window for the operation.

Is this time correct?

This first trip to the moon will allow NASA to assess the capabilities of its new launch vehicle, as well as the stability of the Orion radome capsule that will carry astronauts on the Artemis III mission planned for the coming years.

The weather at Cape Canarral in Florida is often capricious, with numerous thunderstorms. it is possible that the takeoff will be postponed again. Mark Berger, the mission’s meteorological officer, also stated that there was a 60 percent chance that a thunderstorm cell would ruin the party. However, he remains optimistic, pointing out that there is “a pretty good weather opportunity for a rocket launch this Saturday.”

This operation is a serious test not only for NASA, but also for the European Space Agency, which supplies the propulsion module for the Orion capsule. The latter will make a 42-day trip to tickle the Moon before returning to Earth. Then its heat shield will be tested at 2760°C during re-entry.

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