Artificial intelligence in space

It is impossible to gently land a rover or a space probe on Mars without artificial intelligence. During the seven minutes of terror, either the period when a space vehicle enters the Martian atmosphere and lands smoothly on Mars, it is on its own. No assistance from control center (A control center, in the field of astronautics, is a room from which …) terrestrial is not possible because of transmission delays of several minutes (Primary form of a document: Right: one minute is the original of one …). The descent module must decide on its own the procedures for the final choice of terrain.landing (Landing designates, in the etymological sense, the fact of reaching dry land ….). If necessary, the destination can change. Without artificial intelligence (Artificial intelligence or cognitive computing is the “search for means …), this procedure is very difficult to manage and it resulted in numerous crushes to the ground.

At the start of theyear (A year is a unit of time expressing the duration between two occurrences of a related event …) 2021, a major virtual conference was organized in Quebec under the hospices of the organization AIxSpace. This was the 1er event dedicated to AI applied to space. TheCanadian space agency (The Canadian Space Agency (CSA), is the service …) (ASC), theSpace agency (A space agency is a state body with the aim of studying Space and developing …) French (CNES), astronauts, representatives and scientists from companies working in the space sector met to discuss the place and importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their future projects.

According to Frédéric Grandmont, from the firm ABB of Quebec, supplier of the NASA (The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (“Administration nationale de …) in sensors (A sensor is a device that transforms the state of an observed physical quantity into a …) optics for a neighbor space telescope (A space telescope is a telescope placed beyond the atmosphere. The …) and also for the Perseverance rover, “a big marriage is coming between artificial intelligence and space”. This engineer (“The basic profession of an engineer consists in solving problems of nature …) and scientist (A scientist is a person who devotes himself to the study of a science or sciences and who …) adds “start-ups hire a lot of experts in the field. The challenge is to quickly find ways to deal with large masses of data (In information technology (IT), data is a basic description, often …) for human users. AI can unravel a lot of data, otherwise a lot of data goes to the trash “.

Isabelle Tremblay, responsible for health (Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and does not consist …) astronauts on mission at the Canadian Space Agency, says that “artificial intelligence is necessary for surveillance applications of a large number (The notion of number in linguistics is dealt with in the article “Number …) data, the detection of anomalies and then the establishment of trends in the space field. “The future Canadarm which will be installed on board the circumlunar Gateway station will be able to operate with much more autonomy thanks to artificial intelligence Several projects of the Space Agency are in market (Walking (the pleonasm walking is also often used) is a …) on clinical decision support and artificial intelligence supporting the diagnostic (The diagnosis (from the Greek δι? Γνωση, diágnosi, from …) and the treatment of illnesses by doctors of astronaut crews in deep space missions. For Mrs. Tremblay “the telemedecine (Telemedicine brings together the medical practices permitted or facilitated …) in space is of the future for Canada “.

Jean-Yves De Gail, President of the French Space Agency (CNES), agrees with the same meaning (SENS (Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence) is a scientific project which aims …). “Artificial intelligence enables innovation in medical monitoring during space missions”. In addition, AI will automate the activities of the European rover in 2022 in partnership with theEuropean Space Agency (The European Space Agency (ESA) is …) (ESA) and the Russian Space Agency (ROSCOSMOS).

Scientists from ThalesAliena space share notice (Anderlik-Varga-Iskola-Sport (Anderlik-Varga-Ecole-Sport) was used to designate a …) similar. This company, present in nine country (Country comes from the Latin pagus which designated a territorial and tribal subdivision of extent …) of world (The word world can mean :) and in Quebec, manufactured the laser (A laser is a device emitting light (electromagnetic radiation) …) of the camera (The term camera comes from the Latin: chamber, for photographic chamber. It designates a device …) SuperCam of the rover Perseverance, newly arrived on Mars. A scientist from the group Thales (Thales of Miletus commonly called Thales (in ancient Greek …), Andrea Merlo, a great Italian space specialist, confirms that the self-driving of a rover on Mars or on the Moon (The Moon is Earth’s only natural satellite and the fifth largest satellite in …) is impossible without artificial intelligence. He adds: “robotic assistance and artificial intelligence are necessary for decision support or to establish a diagnosis in a space mission”. Ani (Ani (in Armenian Անի) is located in the Turkish province of Kars, just …) Armenian, agent of communication (Communication concerns humans as well (intra-psychic, interpersonal communication, …) from the same company, adds that the ThalesAliena space group already offers decision systems assisted by artificial intelligence in airplanes. Although Mr. Andrea Merlo believes that the assistance of a doctor (A doctor is a health professional who holds a doctorate in …) virtual thanks to an advanced artificial intelligence program is not yet possible for future human missions on the planet (A planet is a celestial body orbiting the Sun or another star of …) March, but the project (A project is an irreversible commitment of uncertain result, not reproducible a …) is no longer there science fiction (Science fiction, pronounced /sjɑ̃s.fik.sjɔ̃/ (abbreviated as …) as evoked in the mythical series Star Trek (Star Trek is a science fiction universe created by Gene Roddenberry in …).

The future looks bright for the use of artificial intelligence in space. Quebec is carving out an interesting place as a hub in this field and arousing the interest of several leaders of theexploration (Exploration is the act of seeking with the intention of discovering something unknown.) space and the emergence of young companies (start-ups) resolutely turned towards the future. Already Montreal (Montreal is both an administrative region and a metropolis of Quebec[2]. This great …) is known as a major international hub in game design video (The video gathers all the techniques, technology, allowing the recording as well as the …). Will we see a new valley (A valley is a geographical depression generally in shape …) space AI like the Silicon Valley in California? It is a possibility for the future.

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