Artificial intelligence is now able to create pornography

AIs like DALL-E 2 and Midjourney are no exception. TechCrunch reports that there already exists a website capable of creating pornography thanks to an artificial intelligence tool. What could be the consequences?

The artificial intelligence that can create any text you type has already reached an impressive “competence”. One of them did manage to win the design first place in an art competition – not without controversy. Be careful, the images produced by these AIs are often very distorted. So don’t expect the porn industry to be any different.

According to the source, this AI-assisted porn generation technology first appeared on 4chan and Reddit. This came after one of the first leaked the open source code of Stable Diffusion, another artificial intelligence capable of generating images from text. Of course, users did not waste time and began to produce pornography.

The possibilities of artificial intelligence are endless, but it continues to reproduce old models

Robot hand making contact with human hand on dark background – 3D render

The website in question has been named Porn Pen and offers an experience that was previously unthinkable. From there, you can customize any templates you want in the content. From their ethnicity to the scenarios they will be placed in. You can even change the camera’s perspective or point of view, choosing between a mirror selfie or a more professional shot.

Of course, while all the models are women. In fact, Os Keyes, a graduate student at Seattle University, told TechCrunch how frustrating it is that “both options reproduce a very masculine, heteronormative look.” In other words, even in the limitless world of porn possibilities, AI remains limited to the objectification of women for consumption by men.

Os Keyes also commented on his opinion that this is “something that will inevitably happen as soon as DALL-E comes along”.

Of course, role models are not people at all. The site is covered with messages like “This person does not exist.” It’s a technology we’ve seen before that can create almost any human face, even if it doesn’t always look the most natural in the world.

User Y Combinator Hacker News claims to be the creator of Porn Pen. He says he changed several parts of the code to avoid images that might hurt some people’s feelings. “I explicitly removed the ability to specify custom text to avoid creating images that could be dangerous.” He adds that new tags will be added soon as the algorithm is better calibrated.

What will be the future of the porn industry?

Artificial intelligence sex robots developed by Abyss Creations.

Like music, graphic art or video games, pornography is one of the largest industries in the world and also one of the most consumed. So, while some artists are wondering what will happen to their future when DALL-E or Midjourney become the norm, actors and actresses have already begun to wonder what will happen to their work when porn becomes so easy to create and customize.

However, Ashley, whose name has not been released at her request to TechCrunch, is a sex worker and believes that Porn Pen is far from threatening the porn industry. Or at least in its current state.

As she notes, “there is an infinite amount of content.” He adds that “People are different not by creating the best content, but by making it accessible and interesting. It will be a long time before artificial intelligence can replace this.”

Of course Ashley is right. Porn, like any other kind of media, can find its audience. However, on a popular level, not much is expected to change in the current landscape. However, in the future, we will have to continue to watch how it develops and how the black hole of intellectual property that is artificial intelligence will be eliminated.

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