Artificial intelligence: “To be healthy, it must be more democratic”

When AI Helps Patients Be Heard

Measuring treatment outcomes and quality of care: these are the goals of the so-called PROM and PREM questionnaires, in particular the e-Satis questionnaire recommended by HAS and sent to every patient after hospitalization*. Many of the collected data are not used by institutions. And yet, couldn’t they let them know what they should keep and improve in their work?

A rhetorical question to EntendsMoi, a startup founded in October 2021. A Lyon-based young company has developed algorithms capable of analyzing patient transcripts on a large scale. Specifically, after feeding the AI ​​with the data collected by the institution, empowered healthcare professionals (CEOs, healthcare managers, department heads, etc.) plug into the software to have insight into trends. , which are displayed on a personal dashboard: the experience of eating, eating, caring, etc. In total, 25 analysis topics allow you to highlight more than 60 possible levers of action, according to the collected opinions of patients, with an efficiency rate of up to 95%. Then all teams have the funds needed to improve certain points and consolidate those already scored.

“We trained the AI ​​so that it could parse the feeling that comes from each verbatim and categorize it by level, from very positive to very negative, by doing automatic language processing,” describes Guillaume Rousson. “Our tool goes hand in hand with the performance requirements required by HAS for healthcare settings. Improving the quality of patient care is also often part of an institution’s strategy. And improving the quality of medical care requires taking into account the experience of those who are primarily interested: patients! “Remembers Katherine Serisi.

VERBATIM.Care has conquered more than a dozen medical institutions in 9 months and is already suitable for any type of structure that receives patients: nursing homes, specialized medical centers, as well as pharmacies.

Motivate healthcare workers

In this period of deep demotivation for professionals, both in the city and in the hospital, the startup’s AI aims to make a difference: “By exploring aspects that are especially valued by a few patients, caregivers find meaning in their profession. “, emphasizes Katherine Serisi, who goes further in the demonstration: “An institution endowed with a good patient experience demonstrates at the same time a good experience on the part of medical professionals: enough to make it attractive to young talents and make them want to be recruited! »

The successful equation for the EntendsMoi team is: “Ethical, human, medical, and economic goals necessarily align when the patient experience is truly taken into account. Thanks AI! A tool in the service of the patient-caregiver relationship.

But what about ethics in all this?

This aspect is all the more important given the amount of data used: “It is important to develop such a tool with patients involved from the very beginning: taking them into account at all stages of the project helps to avoid certain drifts. “, clarifies Guillaume Rousson. For example? “If an AI is trained in only one particular aspect, this causes a bias that will make it less objective and … more human. Hence the need to integrate the cross views of patients and medical professionals when processing this type of data,” explains the scientific head of EntendsMoi.

“Today, we can no longer imagine digital tools without integrating end users from the very beginning,” continues the Director of Patient Experience. “For AI to be beneficial to health, it needs to be more democratic and innovative through partnerships with patients. »

Knowing how to decipher aspects of artificial intelligence that only humans can improve.

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