Artwork created with AI Midjourney wins art competition

“We’re going to lose our jobs” is probably the phrase you’ve read the most on the internet since AI capable of creating graphics became popular. Among them, we have the artificial intelligence Midjourney, which was the protagonist of this fair and won first place. The reaction, of course, was not long in coming.

The design was created by Midjourney at the behest of Jason Allen, a game designer who had previously generated controversy online. Using artificial intelligence, Allen generated an image from text and, to everyone’s surprise, won the top prize.

Theater d’Opera Spatial is the name under which Jason Allen submitted his work in the Digital Art / Digitally Processed Photography category. Meanwhile, the competition was taking place at the Colorado State Fair in the fine arts section. Responses from other participants and subject matter experts came quickly. In fact, they have already started calling the aforementioned person a scammer for providing such a job.

Artificial intelligence spoils the already complex world of art

Another Jason Allen entry for the competition.

This is not the first time that artificial intelligence has posed a new dilemma for the complex art world. In fact, we recently talked about the intellectual property rights black hole of AI-generated images. Ultimately, who owns the images, and how will that change in the future?

Today, in any case, many opposed the victory of Jason Allen. The site’s tweet announcing him as the winner, describing him as someone who entered the contest with an AI-generated entry, quickly went viral. The tweet has received about 87,000 likes so far and most people are commenting negatively.

For everyone else, Allen acted deceptively. Behind these statements lies the idea that artificial intelligence capable of converting text into images has appeared quite recently. Many judges and other participants may not be aware of the depth of his work.

Allen, for his part, defends himself against these comments. He told the pueblo chief, “I feel like I did it and I’m not going to apologize for it. »

Is Allen’s victory fair thanks to Midjourney?

Personal work created with Midjourney AI.

The use of artificial intelligence for content creation is a hotly debated topic. However, Allen’s personal victory can be seen as rather unfair. Besides whether what the AI ​​does is artistic or not, other factors come into play.

For example, compare the level of effort and hours put in by any other member to how little time Allen put in. He simply brought into Midjourney what he wanted to achieve.

However, I don’t think we should stigmatize people who use artificial intelligence to navigate or find ideas. After all, it is a tool like any other. Similarly, it is used by a writer who relied on AI to finish his books on time. But it’s very different from just taking Midjourney’s work and submitting it without any changes or tweaks. In any case, the first place would have gone to the creators of the algorithm, and not to Jason Allen.

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