Ashes of Creation updates and expands the gaming universe

On the occasion of their monthly live stream, Intrepid Studios presents the new Ashes of Creation world map, which is being expanded and redesigned to better fit the MMORPG game mechanics.

Every month, the Ashes of Creation development team hosts a livestream to share the latest from Intrepid and the development of the MMORPG. For more than 1 hour and 40 minutes, the latter was especially interested in the developments made to the game universe.

In particular, from this live stream, we note that the activity of the Intrepid studio is intensifying: the development teams are back in the studio (and no longer working remotely, as in recent months), recruitment continues (40 new employees this year), new steps are being taken. and the developer is preparing an alpha 2 MMORPG.

river forests

In this context, the developer specifically illustrates two main areas that testers will be able to explore during alpha 2: the desert region, already introduced last month, and the new forest region in the Riverlands region (visible in the stream from 15:30). ). This forested area is currently unfinished, but testing will specifically focus on whether the vegetation is dense enough – it should be dense to make the terrain look believable, but not interfere too much with players’ visibility, for example. .

The developer also takes the opportunity to emphasize the importance given to the aesthetics of the zones. According to Steven Sharif, graphics do not make a game interesting, it is the game mechanics and gameplay that determines whether a game is interesting or not, but nevertheless, graphics help improve the gameplay and immerse players in the universe. Therefore, some importance should be given to this – which is why the art team of the studio Intrepid takes center stage and the studio pays attention to detail (at the request of the player, the studio confirms, for example, that palm trees in desert areas sway in the wind).

Expanding world map

However, most of this monthly stream is dedicated to the evolution of the Ashes of Creation world map (from 45:50). As you know, the card has long been discontinued. However, the developer saw fit to refine it to better suit the needs of the gameplay: the area of ​​the world has been enlarged so that players don’t feel like the world is too small and to make sense In the game’s conquest system, some continents have been redesigned to allow for smoother movement between areas , and lands have been added, such as two large islands, which will facilitate maritime gameplay and, in particular, the location of maritime trade routes.

After all, the world of Verra now spans 1,200 km², including between 450 and 480 km² of territory for players to conquer. We also know that the “node” system is at the core of Ashes of Creation’s gameplay: the game universe is divided into “nodes” that evolve based on player activity, with central nodes and vassal nodes. The world was originally going to have 103 nodes, but this new map only has 85 to make them more meaningful and articulate better with each other.

We understand that MMORPG development is progressing at a good pace and that things are starting to fall into place – we know that Stephen Sharif is quick to get excited: he shows real satisfaction with the work his team has done from the start. development started in 2017.


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