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The National Assembly rejected on Monday a new LFI vote of no confidence in the government, backed by just 93 MPs, which is worth accepting in a new reading of the entire Social Security 2023 budget bill.

This proposal was made in response to constitutional arms 49.3, activated Friday night for the sixth time in almost a month by Elizabeth Bourne, to pass the text of the budget without a vote.

The prime minister criticized the “tales and legends” of La France insoumise, accusing these deputies of “false information” and “manipulation” at the end of a lengthy debate in which speeches by political groups focused more on form than content.

The rebellious deputy Ségolène Amyot accused the executive branch of “the gradual murder of democracy” and asked “to call the government to order regarding the limits of its power.”

While the atmosphere between the opposition and the majority was particularly tense following Thursday night’s diatribe in the half-cycle, all leftists supported the LFI.

Socialist MP Arthur Delaporte in the National Assembly, November 28, 2022, Paris (AFP – Emmanuel DUNANT)

The “new method” of dialogue, advocated by the head of government, is a “shaky screen” for the “single exercise of power”, criticized, in particular, by the socialist Arthur Delaporte.

The head of government exposed the “legend” of the “active passage”, considering that “it is not serious to talk about cruelty in connection with the use of a constitutional instrument by which the government assumes responsibility in the face of numerically superior forces.” opposition”.

“You are telling us about a parallel world where the French would have elected your dear leader,” Jean-Luc Mélenchon, she also threw on the LFI benches. But “you don’t have a majority, neither absolute, nor relative, nor alternative.”

Even if they are against this draft Social Security budget, the deputies of the Republic of Lithuania did not put their votes into the proposal, posing as “elected officials” who do not want to “cause the dissolution” of the Assembly. The same goes for the independent group Liot: “Let’s stop wasting time, let’s legislate,” urged its co-chair Christoph Nägelen.

Prime Minister Elisabeth Bourne at the Asune National Assembly, November 28, 2022, Paris (AFP - Emmanuel DUNANT)Prime Minister Elisabeth Bourne at the Asune National Assembly, November 28, 2022, Paris (AFP – Emmanuel DUNANT)

MPs, unlike previous times, did not vote for the LFI text, considering it “useless”. Frank Allisio (RN) portrayed the “endless day” “six times by the same scene, six times by the same play”.

The Social Security Funding Bill is due Tuesday before the Senate for a new reading before returning Wednesday before the Assembly for a final reading.

The prime minister can then activate 49.3 for the last time in that budget proposal.

The text provides for prevention measures, curative deserts or savings for biological laboratories.

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