AstraZeneca vaccine introduction with no age limit: will France go alone to the EU?

MASSIVE DEPLOYMENT – Olivier Veran plans to allow all volunteers to receive a dose of AstraZeneca vaccine, regardless of their age. If this decision was ratified, France would be favorably distinguished from its closest neighbors.

Get the AstraZeneca vaccine in violation of the current age limit? “I reached out to the Senior Health Authority (HAS) about this, saying: “This is what we can offer the French, can we prevent it or not?” I am waiting for his answer. ” These are the words of the Minister of Health Olivier Veran. On April 30, he confirmed that he is considering this proposal: “Perhaps we can make a decision in this direction and give the French freedom of choice by providing them with clear, loyal and relevant information.”, he said.

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Faced with the mistrust that this vaccine suffers partly in public opinion, the minister therefore comes up with ways to use the ordered doses. If HAS gives the green light, which has not yet been received, will France take a special position? Observing the guidelines in force in our European neighbors, we see that the doses of AstraZeneca are usually intended for the population aged 55 and over, but this position is not unanimous.

Austria is in a unique position

Austria remains one of the countries where adults of all ages can be vaccinated with AstraZeneca today. The decision was taken by health authorities, who consider the reported side effects to be minor, especially when compared to the deaths from the virus in both the youngest and the elderly. Austria’s position was expected as its German neighbor decided, for its part, to strengthen the eligibility criteria for injection.

While it is theoretically still possible to vaccinate AstraZeneca via the Rhine, the guidelines indicate that patients at least 60 years of age should prioritize these doses. Those who are younger and still wish to make a choice in favor of this vaccine should see a doctor who can confirm this choice. “After an individual risk analysis and detailed explanations have been issued”This is reported by the German international radio Deutsche Welle.

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What about other countries? In Denmark and Norway, authorities have ruled: no AstraZeneca injections. A firm decision reflecting important precautions taken in the Nordic countries. Iceland has reserved it for people over 70, Sweden only for people 65 and over, like Finland. The 60-year limit is most commonly applied on the continent, it is used in the Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Estonia or Germany. Belgium and France have so far chosen a recommendation for people aged 55 and over.

However, some countries stand out. Particularly in the United Kingdom, where anyone 30 years of age or older can require an injection of a dose of AstraZeneca, the choice is identical to that of Greece. Romania, like Austria, did not want to set age limits. A choice that echoes the choice of several countries in Eastern Europe or the Balkans. For example, in Slovakia, where its use is free, but also in Slovenia and Croatia. Bulgaria, for its part, allows it to people over 18, but not to women at risk of thrombosis.

Thus, we can see that the strictest age restrictions are observed in Northern Europe, while Western European countries mainly choose the AstraZeneca injection at the age of 60 and older. If France had allowed the vaccine more widely and from the age of 18, it would not have been the only choice and would have joined the ranks of countries that still consider the benefit / risk ratio to be very favorable.

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