AstraZeneca vaccine: the medical community wants to calm

Following the announcement of the first death in Quebec from a thrombosis caused by the AstraZeneca vaccine, health experts want to reassure its use on Tuesday.

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They remind, in particular, that thrombosis existed even before the advent of COVID-19 and vaccines. The chances of dying from this are very rare.

“Around the world, several million people have received this vaccine and it is believed that very few thrombosis is associated with the vaccine. So the risk is very low, ”D explained in an interview with LCN.R Antoine Delage, pulmonologist and resuscitator at Charles-Le Moines Hospital.

For its part, DR Mark Carrier, head of the hematology department at Ottawa Hospital, noted that there is a difference between the types of thrombosis.

“The type of thrombosis that has been described after vaccination is an immune response. This is completely different from thrombosis, which can be imagined as arterial or venous. Thus, we have not identified any predisposing factors, ”he said.

However, experts are urging people with symptoms such as abdominal pain or chest pain to seek medical attention.

Meanwhile, the McGill University Health Center said it is conducting post-death tests at one of its hospitals, which may be related to the AstraZeneca vaccine.

The chance of developing thrombosis after being vaccinated against COVID-19 is 1 in 100,000.

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