Astronomia Solar Bitcoin: an incredible luxury watch signed by Jacob & Co in honor of the famous cryptocurrency

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  • published Quentin VIALLE 05 September 2022 at 14:43

    Cryptocurrency lovers should appreciate. And for good reason, renowned watchmaker Jacob & Co has just unveiled their new Astronomia Solar, a gorgeous luxury watch that pays homage to bitcoin. We will tell you about it below!

    Astronomia Solar: Jacob & Co Introduces Luxury Watches in Honor of Bitcoin

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    Since the inception of Bitcoin in 2009, the cryptocurrency market has continued to grow exponentially. Very attractive, now it brings together more and more people. And this… brands have understood this well. Indeed, some do not hesitate to use this trend to create amazing products. This is the case of watchmaker Jacob & Co, who recently introduced a luxury watch dedicated to Bitcoin: the Astronomia Solar Bitcoin. Unveiled a few days ago during the Geneva Watch Days, this magnificent watch tells “the story of the first cryptocurrency,” says the American watchmaker.

    In this version of the Astronomia Solar movement, the revolving teeth, both functional and purely decorative, play a primary role. They provide the coin with the necessary symbolic content, making it a fully cryptocurrency oriented coin. Rotating bitcoin currency logo. Yellow sapphire sun, 1 carat diamond moon and golden earth. A miniature black rocket with a flaming reactor and a Bitcoin sign to reach the moon. All these symbols tell the story of the emergence of the first cryptocurrency, from abstraction to reality, from the blowout to the mainstay of the financial system.

    Astronomia Solar Bitcoin: Jacob & Co Introduces A Luxury Watch In Honor Of The Famous Cryptocurrency

    (Very) limited edition

    Important to know: The signed Jacob & Co Astronomia Solar Bitcoin is limited to only 25 copies. As for the characteristics of this watch, it is equipped with 444 components assembled in accordance with the standards of luxury watchmaking and, in particular, has two rotating platforms. As the creator points out on his website, it is also adorned with many details with a reference to the well-known cryptocurrency.

    If you want to purchase this small (and luxurious) piece, be aware that it will cost over 347,000 euros. Recall that today the price of bitcoin is about 20,000 euros.

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