Astronomy: Artemis mission delayed again

Published on 09.03.2022 22:13

Updated on 03/09/2022 22:58

Article written

K. Verove, L. de la Morne, T. Donzel, L. Lavieille – France 2

France TVs

On Saturday, September 3, Artemis was supposed to take off. However, due to a new problem with the rocket, the expedition from postpone again. Loic de la Morne east to Cape Canaveral (United States).

This is a new challenge for NASA. Saturday, September 3, missionary expedition Artemis was again transferred. A little more than two hours before the launch of the rocket, the countdown was stopped due to a technical problem. Takeoff was prevented by a fuel leak detected on the machine. Hydrogen was leaking from the ship. NASA tried unsuccessfully to fix the technical problem three times. “What is needed is DO good. It should work,” explains Philippe Burt, head of the European Space Agency.

This is the second time since Monday 29 August that the mission Artemis is transferred. From many curious people made the trip again and were disappointed that they did not see the rocket take off. Recall that the rocket SLS is the most powerful in the world. His goal is to get to the moon. Loic de la Mornay says NASA is afraid to see a rocket SLS “obsolete” with a new rocketElon Musk, Space X. The journalist wants to reassure and reports that the engineers hope to see the mission. Artemis finally take off one day.

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