Asus Announces Raptor Lake BIOS Support for Z690 Motherboards

Something to look forward to: Intel’s 13th generation processors aren’t expected in the coming months, but vendors are already preparing existing motherboard models with BIOS updates. Asus is the latest, following the Asrock BIOS release last month, although the former initially only revealed updates for flagship cards.

Asus released BIOS updates on Friday to prepare its Z690 motherboards for the Intel Raptor Lake processors coming later this year. We already knew that Raptor Lake wouldn’t require 600-series owners to upgrade to the next 700-series cards, as only a BIOS patch is required to be compatible with the new processors.

Asrock released similar updates at the end of June, but they were for the Z690, H670, B660, and H610 motherboards. So far, Asus has only released downloads for the high-end Z690 chipset. These fixes and other announcements confirm that Raptor Lake processors will support DDR4 RAM.

Asus has released a new BIOS for its ROG, ROG Strix, ProArt, Prime, and TUF Gaming lineups. In most cases version 1601 is used, but all affected Prime cards except Prime Z690-A require BIOS version 1603. Users can find updates on the Asus Download Center by searching for the specific model.

It’s not yet clear when Asus will update its other 600-series cards, but the company has plenty of time as Raptor Lake is rumored to launch in the third or fourth quarter of 2022. Competing Zen 4 processors will also arrive later this year, but new processors are required. motherboards. using the upcoming AM5 socket platform, which in turn will require DDR5 RAM.

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