At CES 2023, Elon Musk’s anti-road tunnel was blocked by traffic jams

Elon Musk’s anti-cork tunnel failed at CES in Las Vegas.

Elon Musk’s anti-road tunnels aren’t going to revolutionize American daily life anytime soon. At CES 2023, Elon Musk’s The Boring Company took the opportunity to showcase their Loop, a tunnel capable of connecting different locations in Las Vegas to avoid traffic congestion during this busy period.

Initially, the Loop project was supposed to offer underground tunnels capable of reducing traffic congestion, while at the same time accepting driverless cars without a license to transport passengers. VTC drivers have a few more good years ahead of them as the demonstration turned into a fiasco this week. The cars did indeed have drivers, and the tunnels quickly filled up.

fiasco on twitter

As for the Blue Bird platform, which became the property of Elon Musk late last year, Internet users have widely criticized the difficulty in performing the Loop function. Not only was the effectiveness of the project undermined by a number of solutions already implemented by the city and CoES, the system also proved to be less efficient than conventional public transport.

This new frustration should not help Elon Musk’s business. Presented as a revolutionary project, Loop multiplies delays and technical problems. Up to the point that many cities finally abandoned the Elon Musk project. For his part, the billionaire is no longer very popular. His takeover of Twitter and his recent stance have helped shatter his image in the eyes of the general public. His recent acquisitions have also landed him some financial setbacks, with the loss of several billion dollars in Tesla following a simple tweet that set fire to gunpowder.

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