At the CHR we immerse children in a video game to # play down their entry into the operating room

Undergoing an operation is one act that naturally arouses stress and anxiety. And it is even more significant among the 3,600 children who spend each year “on the pool table”.

The transversal team of the operating room of the CHR therefore decided to join the French association of “Ptits doudous”, born at the CHR in Rennes and now active in some 80 hospitals in France. This is a Belgian first. ” The idea of ​​Ptits doudous is to take the codes of gaming (video games, editor’s note) to adapt them to the situation. From the preoperative consultation to the anesthesia, the child will thus become the hero of his own story, thanks in particular to a tablet that he will control. Through his avatar, he will try to earn points while taming his journey to the operating table “. When he wakes up, the points accumulated will allow him to “win” a little blanket and a diploma attesting to the success of the game.

The effects on children’s mental health are undeniable, as Dr Gregory Detheux, at the origin of the project, explains: “There is a reduction in the premedications given to the child as well as a considerable reduction in the analgesics given in the recovery room to calm the pain. The anxiety of children decreases, but also that of parents. With, as a consequence, a decrease in agitation and postoperative behavioral disturbances “. In the end, the child even receives a diploma for having passed the game.

Finally, we should note the innovative financing to cover the costs of the project (tablets, baby comforters, etc.): the copper, aluminum or stainless steel waste from the operating room that can be recovered is sold to a specific recycling channel.

The experience in video:

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