Athletics: after bad reaction to Covid vaccine, Christophe Lemaitre worried about Tokyo Olympics

Bronze medalist in the 200m distance in Rio in 2016 Christophe Lemaitre was forced to abandon the French Championships in Athletics. This package makes the French presence at the Tokyo Olympics (23 July to 8 August) a little more uncertain.

Definitely, the planets are poorly aligned for Savoyard, and his presence at the Tokyo Olympics is getting harder every day.

Sprinter Christophe Lemaitre has withdrawn from the French Championships in Athletics, held Friday to Sunday in Angers. Jimmy Vico, as well as half-founder Pierre-Ambroise Bosse, will also not be in the game.

Following similar announcements by Quentin Bigot and Pascal Martineau-Lagarde, the cascade of big-name packages in French athletics continues and raises concerns a month before the Tokyo Olympics (July 23 – August 8).

Christophe Lemaitre “physically not 100%, in particular due to a poor reaction to vaccines against COVID-19 “– explains his environment. He has already expressed hope on his Facebook page “let the form come back“.

“It’s hard for me to make such a decision.”

The situation is really critical for the bronze medalist at the 200m distance in Rio in 2016. The author of the season so far missed, he has not reached the international minimums required for 100 or 200 meters (which must be reached by June 29).

Obviously, I find it difficult to make such a decision. But be realistic, I am not in a position to defend my chances for the French championship. I must decide to give it up today– explained Savoy. “I digest that decision, keep training to restore my senses, and end the season with a performance that matches my ambitions. “

His only chance to see Tokyo right now is to be selected in the 4x100m relay, but he is only 16th French in the distance.

On June 5, in Aix-les-Bains, we met him during full preparation. While his preparations went well in April, he was already shaken by the Covid vaccine in May. A vaccine that tired the athlete who doesn’t disarm and clings because he likes the Games. After performing twice in 2012 in London and then in Rio in 2016, he dreams of finding this atmosphere unlike any other this summer. A dream for the moment with a delicate balance …

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