Atlanta season 4 release date: how to watch online on FX and Hulu

We look at the release date for season 4 of Atlanta like we’re blinking at Teddy Perkins. How can this show be back for its final season so soon after its third (and very idiosyncratic) episode aired earlier this year? Well guys, I guess this is what we call making up for lost time. Atlanta Season 2 ended in May 2018, so the quick release of this conclusion may just be Donald Glover and company’s way of saying, “Sorry, we kept you waiting.”

Atlanta Season 4 Start Time Channel

• Date: Atlanta season 4 episodes 1 and 2 will air Thursday (September 15) on FX and Friday (September 16) on Hulu.
• Times are 10:00 PM and 10:30 PM ET.
• USA – View FX through Sling. (will open in a new tab) or Fubo.TV (will open in a new tab)
• Watch anywhere – try ExpressVPN risk-free (will open in a new tab)

After an often surreal European adventure last season, Ern (Glover), Al (Brian Tyree Henry), Darius (Lakeith Stanfield) and Van (Zazie Beetz) have returned home to Atlanta. But everything we’ve heard gives the impression that they’ve returned to a house they don’t quite recognize.

The fourth season of Atlanta will finally continue the stories that were put on hiatus last year. Ern seems to be trying all that “fatherhood” again, as shown in the Van and Lottie trailer. Al continues to climb like a Paper Boi, but the higher he goes, the less his discomfort becomes.

All in all, we hope these signs point to us returning to the roots of Atlanta Season 4. There were some great moments last season, but it was too scattered even for us.

Here’s everything you need to know to watch Atlanta season 4 online. Also, check out the trailer below:

How to watch Atlanta season 4 online from anywhere in the world

Just because FX isn’t available everywhere doesn’t mean you have to skip Atlanta Season 4 if you’re away from home. Watching along with the rest of the internet can be pretty easy because with the right VPN (virtual private network) you can stream shows wherever you are.

Not sure which VPN is right for you? We’ve tested many different services and our pick for the best VPN is ExpressVPN. (will open in a new tab). It offers superior speeds and great customer service.

How to watch Atlanta Season 4 in the US

In the US, viewers can watch the start of season four of Atlanta Thursday (September 15) at 10 p.m. ET on FX, which comes with the cable TV package. Both episodes 1 and 2 will be included. New episodes will appear the next day on Hulu.

If you’ve already cut the cord and don’t have a cable, you can access FX on several TV streaming services, including Sling TV, Fubo TV, YouTube TV, Hulu With Live TV, and DirecTV Stream.

We recommend Sling and Fubo, two of the best streaming services. Sling is a more affordable option, but Fubo offers a wider range of channels.

Can Atlanta season 4 be watched online in the UK?

It’s not yet clear when Atlanta season 4 will air on Star Channel Disney Plus, which is Hulu’s UK counterpart. We’ll update this story when we know more.

If you want to watch with other services you already paid for while traveling abroad, ExpressVPN (will open in a new tab) will help you access them.

How to watch Atlanta Season 4 in Canada

Canadians can watch Atlanta Season 4 on FX Canada if they access the channel through their cable provider.

Travelers who have already subscribed to other services can access them using ExpressVPN. (will open in a new tab).

How to watch Atlanta season 4 in Australia

Looks like Atlanta season 4 should be on Binge (will open in a new tab)exclusive house series.

Americans can’t find it abroad? You can watch Atlanta Season 4 live (airing Fridays at 12:00 AEST) using a VPN like ExpressVPN. (will open in a new tab).

Atlanta season 4 episodes and schedule

The full schedule for Season 4 in Atlanta will consist of a double episode on September 15th followed by weekly episodes.

  • Thursday, September 15 – Atlanta season 4, episode 1, “The Very Atlanta”
  • Thursday, September 15 – Atlanta Season 4 Episode 2, “The Most Homely Little Horse”
  • Thursday, September 22 – Atlanta season 4 episode 3, “Born 2 to Die”.
  • Thursday, September 29 – 4th episode of season 4 of Atlanta, “Lightskin”.
  • Thursday, October 6 – Atlanta Season 4 Episode 5, “Work Ethic!”
  • Thursday, October 13 – Atlanta Season 4 Episode 6, “Crank Dat Killer”
  • Thursday, October 20 – Atlanta Season 4 Episode 7, “Sniper Hunt”
  • Thursday, October 27 – Atlanta season 4 episode 8, “Andrew Wyeth. World of Alfred.
  • Thursday, November 3 – Atlanta, Season 4, Episode 9
  • Thursday, November 10 – Atlanta Season 4 Episode 10

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