Atos launches the Atos Digital Hub, a solution to facilitate data sharing

Atos announced on July 7, 2021 the launch of “Atos Digital Hub“, a solution whose main objective is to serve as an accelerator for the design of ecosystem platforms. Atos aims to provide organizations with trusted digital ecosystem hubs where various stakeholders (companies, partners, suppliers and clients) can share data securely.

This makes it easier to “design, manage and monetize services with full transparency and with contractual guarantees on how the data will be used and protected,” the company said in a statement. This new solution allows, among other things, the use of analysis software and artificial intelligence tools to extract value from data, but also to create business services based on various data.

Offers adapted by sector

In concrete terms, Atos will act as an intermediary and will ensure the proper functioning and coordination of the platform. “Atos will thus use all of its knowledge and technologies to create next-generation business platforms that will help partners collaborate and generate a better return on investment in their respective data and services.“said Gard Little, VP Global Services Markets and Trend at analyst firm IDC.”What’s more, Atos works with dedicated data and cloud communities, such as the Gaia-X consortium and IDSA partners, to promote innovative business solutions that use data equitably and with sovereignty.“, he added.

For example, in the healthcare sector, Atos will be able to offer adapted offers integrating more personalized and efficient care pathways for patients thanks to interoperable clinical care platforms that allow professionals, establishments, laboratories or departments public to exchange health information and eliminate disparities between different systems.

Recently, Atos, in partnership with Thales, presented the company “Athea”. Announced by the Minister of the Armed Forces Florence Parly during a speech in Creil on artificial intelligence, the company aims to develop “a sovereign platform combining massive data processing and artificial intelligence“. It is aimed at the public and private sectors in the defense, intelligence and internal security sectors.

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