Audi UK receives Electric Vehicle Approved accreditation

Audi has announced that Audi UK is the first UK car manufacturer to receive Electric Vehicle Approved accreditation.

Audi has received accreditation for its 113 centers in the UK. The company also said that about 11 percent of its vehicle sales this year were electric vehicles.

Despite having one of the largest retail chains in the UK, Audi is the first brand to achieve 100% EVA approval across its 113 centres. This achievement is a reflection of Audi’s commitment to electric vehicles and its ambition to become a leading provider of sustainable mobility. The EVA scheme encourages dealerships to further develop their EV sales and service capabilities and build consumer confidence in EV technology.

Andrew Doyle, Director of Audi UK commented: “Audi has a clear and unwavering commitment to electric vehicles – from 2026 every new model we launch will be fully electric. Therefore, it is very important that our experience and knowledge be applied throughout the business and be visible to everyone, especially our customers.

“Being the first manufacturer in the UK to achieve 100% EVA network accreditation is a testament to our first class teams across our dealer network and at Audi UK. We are responding to the rapid customer interest in our electric vehicles by equipping our company and staff with the tools and training to ensure a seamless and trustinspiring experience for our customers as we accelerate the transition to an allelectric future.”

You can find out more information about Audi UK Electric Vehicle Approved accreditation at the link below.


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