Augmented Reality: Meta acquires European smart lens company Luxexcel.

Meta quietly acquired Belgian-Dutch company Luxexcel, which specializes in 3D printing for optics, in late 2022. The information was first published on December 27 by the Belgian daily newspaper De Tijd, and three days later it was confirmed by Meta from Techcrunch.

Integrate vision correction

Luxexcel has previously worked with Meta as part of its Aria research project, Techcrunch understands. However, these glasses should not include smart lenses, at least in the version that was shown to the public. This is the peculiarity of Luxexcel. The company produces lenses that can be both corrective and smart using a UV 3D printing process.

Founded in Zeeland, The Netherlands in 2009, De Tijd said she moved to Flanders a few years ago to find the tech profiles she needed. Its acquisition by Meta is part of the American giant’s efforts to bring augmented reality glasses to the general public. The ability to combine vision correction and digital display is indeed essential for eventual mass adoption. The amount of the acquisition is not known.

Out of stock for several years

Meta is at the forefront of companies working on augmented reality, but its glasses won’t be released for a few more years. Its flagship project in this area is codenamed Nazaré. At the same time, Meta launched the first pair of connected glasses on the market in April 2022 in France. These glasses, dubbed Ray-Ban Stories, were developed in collaboration with EssilorLuxottica. They allow you to take photos or videos, listen to music and use voice commands, but do not include a display system.

The industry has seen acquisitions of key component suppliers over the past two years. Snap offered Compound Photonics and WaveOptics, Google swallowed Raxium, and Meta bought ImagineOptix. As for Apple, it has been stealthily buying companies in the sector for years.

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