Auldtok heated cup can boil water if needed

If you want your favorite drink to stay cool or hot depending on the season of your choice. You might be interested in the new 3in1 heated cup, suitable for coffee, tea, water or whatever you drink daily. Auldtok’s portable warming cup takes 25 minutes to heat water to 212℉ (100°C). The power will be turned off automatically after boiling to prevent dry boiling.

For the new project, upfront contributions are now available at a special price of approximately £49 to £41 (depending on current exchange rates).

hot cup features

“Auldtok heating cup can heat your coffee, milk, tea or any drink to your favorite temperature anytime, anywhere. Choose the exact temperature you prefer (up to 100℃) and just wait 425 minutes (depending on the temperature you choose), enjoy your hot drink!”

Assuming the Auldtok funding campaign successfully reaches the required target and the project is progressing smoothly, worldwide delivery is expected to take place sometime in October 2022. To learn more about Auldtok’s cup warmer project, watch the promotional video below.

Heated cup

“The Auldtok warming cup allows anyone to have coffee, tea or water at the perfect temperature at the perfect temperature at all times! Auldtok 3in1 heating cup is equipped with electric kettle, vacuum cup and water cup. Auldtok can prepare a cup of hot water at your desired temperature in 25 minutes. After boiling, it can also be used as a vacuum thermos for longterm heat preservation or direct drinking.

“Setting the appropriate temperature is done with 4 preset temperature settings. Powdered milk (140°F). Brew tea (175°F). Make coffee (195°F). Boil (212°F). You can accurately know the water temperature through the display. Ready for hot water, tea, coffee, snacks or milk so that their unique flavors and aromas develop during brewing at any time.”

For a complete list of all available special commitments, additional targets, additional materials and specifications for the heated cup, visit the official Auldtok Crowdfunding Campaign page by following the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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