Aurélie Jean is Trump, same tweet as everyone else

EIon Musk says he wants to allow Donald Trump to return to Twitter, which he was banned from following the Capitol attack in which he allegedly played a role. According to the new owner of the Blue Bird network, the departure of the US president is immoral, because, according to him, everyone should still be able to freely express their opinion. But this thinking has limits. Social networks have formed the clumsy idea that every opinion counts and that an equal distribution of opinions, lies and stupidity is fair and normal, but this is done in order to separate the rights from the responsibilities of each participant in these networks. In fact, Trump, like all of us, is a user like everyone else.

Free speech is an absolute right in the United States, but in no way liberates those who stand by their word. Legal and contractual sanctions may apply, such as legal condemnation or removal from Twitter in accordance with the general terms of use for insult, defamation or hate speech. So the account of the forty-fifth American president was blocked. Paradoxically, the freedom that Donald Trump felt deprived of after this decision is so protected in his country that he received the right to create his own media, the Pravda network. Elon Musk’s statement against this blocking is also unacceptable in view of the polarity generated and fueled by the former president on Twitter, as Professor Katherine Flick points out.

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Morality is not in question

Donald Trump’s departure is no more moral than immoral, it is simply in line with company policy that we are all equal, men and women, rich and poor, young and old, heads of state and citizens. The status of the user does not affect the rights, duties and responsibilities of everyone. This allows you to hear previously unheard voices on social, medical and even political topics. Elon Musk mistakenly defends the Trump topic from Twitter by oversimplifying and caricaturing the main topic, and also ignoring the fundamental implications of the freedom of expression so protected in Uncle Sam’s country.

Looking a little closer, the position of the eventual new Twitter boss is as hypocritical as that of the former owner when the decision was made to ban Trump just days before his mandate ended. Long before the Capitol was taken over, the lack of response from Twitter leadership in the face of such hostility and lies from the incumbent in the midst of managing a health crisis was essentially incomprehensible.

We can say anything and everything with a certain ease, as some of Elon Musk’s recent tweets show, and it’s probably for the best as long as everyone takes their responsibilities. Elon Musk is a visionary engineer who is respected for what he has managed to develop in the past. Let’s hope he sees something on Twitter that we don’t.

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