Ausker pressure cooker will help you save money, time and eat healthy

If you’re looking to eat healthier while also saving money and time, you might want to check out the new Ausker pressure cooker currently available on Indiegogo. A crowdfunding campaign launched earlier this week has already raised the required donation target, although there are 22 days left to go. Safe and easy to use, pressure cookers provide an easy way to prepare healthy meals up to 70% faster than standard pots and pans.

Specially priced upfront contributions for the innovation project are currently available from around £199 to £183 (depending on current exchange rates), offering a significant discount of around 33% off the retail price, while Indiegogo crowdfunding is underway.

Ausker pressure cooker

“The Ausker pressure cooker has a whole world to offer. Obviously it can pressure cook, it works like a normal steel pot with a glass lid. It can also steam thanks to our steam basket, but of course saving time, stress, fatigue and all this while saving money. The Ausker pressure cooker is a great ally in the world of modern home cooking. It allows food to be cooked at higher temperatures than a conventional pot, capable of reaching temperatures in excess of 130°C (265°F), greatly reducing cooking time. “

If the Ausker campaign successfully raises the required target and production goes smoothly, worldwide delivery is expected to take place sometime in May 2023. To learn more about the Ausker pressure cooker project, watch the promotional video below.

Ausker pressure cooker

“The Ausker pressure cooker makes it easy to prepare healthy and tasty meals, reducing cooking time from 50% to 70% compared to a conventional stove or oven. Using much less water and energy and thus saving money. A pressure cooker like no other. Say goodbye to intricate displays, knotty knobs and scary valves. Check for yourself with these simple steps how to prepare even the most complex recipes in the blink of an eye.

cooking time in pressure cooker

“One of the main strengths is that we have gained control over the mechanism. In fact, our lid has three different intensity levels compared to most competitors who only have one or two. ”

For a complete list of all available bail options, additional targets, additional media, and complete pressure cooker specs, visit the official Ausker Crowdfunding Campaign page by following the link below.

Source: Indigo.

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